tlfsupOur highly skilled engineering team is always prepared to provide you a technical support both in hardware and software; a support focused on your needs and requirements.
They know our devices, modules and software components better than anyone, which is your guarantee to bring your development time down.

Your support needs will be covered by one of the following!

 1. As part of any product

  • We will answer any questions you may have concerning our products, design in details for our devices and complete RF products. Contact us if you are missing a piece of information.
  • In order to accelerate your process, we can make brief evaluations of your applications and advice on product selection.
  • During your development phase, we will answer any question regarding technical problems that may occur.

 2. For large OEM clients

  • Based on complete information about your project, we can propose you complete hardware and software system concepts.
  • We can further provide you with cost evaluations and BOM.
  • And in order to make you gain time, we can carry out basic tests on proposed principles. 

    3. Charged services

  • We may undertake complete depth and feasibility study both of hardware and software.
  • Futher, we may develop finished modules according to customer specifications. Our lab is fully equipped with RF test equipment, including climate chamber.


Services are either billed on a time effort basis, or as part of agreed product pricing.

For any other specific question and/or requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.