Product Range


BlueChip license its current BiCMOS transceiver technology to Micrel for marketing & sale under the Micrel brand RadioWire ™. BCC418 is now formally known as MICRF501 and BCC918 as MICRF500. BCCxxx is a single chip integrated circuit for radio-based spread spectrum communication _MIC-Logo-Clr-wtag(FHSS). The BCCxxx has been developed to cover all major ISM bands from 300-1100MHz.
The circuit can be utilised in homes, health care and industry in
various ways and can be applied in alarms, garage ports, remote controls etc., and in more complex systems for control, monitoring and low date-rate communication between computers. A typical system consists of a microprocessor and a radio circuit plus some external components.
BCCxxx technology is only available for OEM customised solutions.


RFBRFBxxx is a one square inch block with all external RF components included. The RFBxxx family covers all ISM bands from 300-1100MHz. The three different RF Block versions are pin compatible and allow the user to cover all major markets with one motherboard. The RFBxxx family can be utilised in any environment where wireless remote connection is advantageous over cables. The RFBxxx is ideal where Ultra low power, low-cost and time tot market is one of the major issues. A typical system consists of a microprocessor and a RF Block plus one antenna.


evalunitEVKxxx contain two transceiver boards and all hardware and software needed to perform testing of the chips. The effect of frequency hopping is easily shown. The kits are supplied complete for immediate operation, and different versions for each separate ISM band exist.
Further, the evaluation kits have socket-mounted microcontroller firmware, enabling the users to write their own controller-firmware. In this way, the moderately priced evaluation kits also doubles their function as development kits.