The Norwegian company BlueChip Communication AS – former Gran-Jansen – is now ready with a new version of its radio chip. The chip combines both a receiver and transmitter for a fast and secure communication. But BlueChip now has to compete with another system, which begins also by Blue: Bluetooth.

Like Bluetooth, their chips can also be used in every types of wireless transport of data – for example many smoke detectors to a central point or wireless telephones.

– In this new version we have halved the power consumption. A smoke detector with our chip can work during many years with no battery change, explains the managing director of BlueChip, Stein Eskerud, to Digitoday.

– I usually say that we sell “Bluetooth light”. Our chips cost one fourth or one fifth and they use less power, but where Bluetooth has a transmission capacity of 1Mbits/s, we have up to 128Kbits/s – in other words ISDN speed. This is why we are much better for medium-speed data traffic, says Eskerud.

He explains that the company is working on different projects in wireless GSM-handsfree and printer connections. Later on today, a Norwegian company will release an until now unknown product using BlueChips technology.

BlueChip/Gran-Jansen was alone on the market before Bluetooth appeared. The project was started in 1994 in cooperation with Telenor Research and Development, but it had taken time to achieve results.

– We were dealing earlier with one big general distributor. Today, we are working directly on several tangible projects, says Eskerud. We have plans in the future to make Bluetooth chips, because our basic radio system concept could also cover that.